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The perfect job for an ex chemistry teacher 

When Carol from Kingsbridge joined the team four years ago, she was looking for an active part time job to keep her busy when she decided to finish her role as a chemistry teacher.  Now a Senior Housekeeper, her attention to detail is second to none and her ability to support and train other members of staff are a vital asset to quality assurance in Pebbles Housekeeping.

The biggest thing for me at Pebbles has been finding such a lovely group of people to work with.

“I moved to Devon from Cheshire when I married a farmer, and up until four years ago I was a chemistry teacher, and had been for 24 years.  When I decided to go into semi retirement I was looking for a local job in the South Hams and I really wanted something active.  I had done enough paper work and sitting at desks, and wanted to be moving and doing.  I spotted the advert for a permanent part time Housekeeper in the local paper which suited me down to the ground, and I haven’t looked back since.

Living just outside West Alvington, working for Pebbles in Salcombe and its properties around South Devon is perfect.  I love cleaning as I have always found it very relaxing, especially when I was teaching!  I was always known for having a very clean science lab!

I think my skills from teaching have helped me to work with big teams, recognising different characters and understanding how to get the best out of them in a working environment.  Since joining the team I have been promoted to Senior Housekeeper, and I am one of three in the team who does a lot of training with other members of staff.
For me, training is an automatic thing - if someone needs help and redirecting, it’s second nature to help.  I think of it more as simply working together and helping one another.  I am still entirely hands on with the properties, but now I am a lot more familiar with them, which really helps to plan what you’re going to do when you visit.  The better you know your team and the property the more you can plan in advance how you’re going to approach it at every clean.  After all, although the property might be the same, it will always be a different job depending on how the property’s been used. 
The biggest thing for me at Pebbles has been finding such a lovely group of people to work with. Having worked with many people over the years, I know how much of a difference it makes, so long may it continue!”

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