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2020 Steri Clean – part of the Safeguarding Programme

Keeping our employees, contractors, community, owners and their guests safe 

The Safeguarding Programme helps to make sure that owners and their guests are safer - and feel safe, when they are staying at a property taken care of by Pebbles. 

A dependable service and exceptional standards have always been at the heart of our Housekeeping services. Now, the methods we use are taking a leap forward, to keep up with the risk from the COVID-19 outbreak. Also to provide the reassurance required by owners and their guests when the property being cleaned is a holiday let. 

Developing our Safeguarding Programme we have exhausted Government Guidance available to-date (reviewed daily), benchmarked against industry good practice, and we have tried to account for every particular recommendation from one or other of the many marketing agents – from the UK’s largest Sykes to the niche Perfect Stays and online HomeAway. 

The Steri Clean is the part of the Safeguarding Program by which we achieve an extra-ordinary level of cleaning santisation, through use of innovative methods like misting, green but effective sanitising chemicals, and also thorough methodology, training and good management.  

We cannot guarantee that the risks of COVID-19 in your Holiday Home are 100% mitigated but if you will forgive the pun on such a serious topic, Pebbles really has left no stone unturned. 

As with all areas of our service, the Safeguard Programme continues to undergo constant re-evaluation to ensure any necessary or recommended updates are incorporated as time goes on. 

If you would like to speak to us about the Safeguarding Programme, please call 01548 800415.

Pebbles Safeguarding Programme

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